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Yakima Waste Systems is operating on normal collection schedule. However, due to the poor weather conditions we are only picking up on the main roads. We ask that if you live on a hill to please bring your can, cart or disposable bags to a spot that our driver can attempt to access. We appreciate your patience and ensure you we will do our very best to service your stop. If we are unable to service, extras equivalent to the service you are subscribed for will be allowed at no additional charge. Safety of our drivers, the public and your property is our #1 value.

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Weather Related Service Announcement

 – By #Yakima Waste Systems

Your service may be interrupted due to inclement weather or road conditions. Please leave your material at the curb for pickup. If we are unable to service your address, please set out double your standard service level on your next scheduled pick up day at no additional charge. We apologize for the inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your business. Thank you.

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Yakima Waste Systems works diligently to be a community partner supporting the residents and businesses of Yakima County by providing dependable and environmentally-sound services.

Our goal as a locally-operated business is to provide excellent services while maintaining the integrity of the area we live in and share with our neighbors.

Yakima Waste encourages customers to submit questions or topics you’d like covered in this section via the contact form.

*Note:  Due to a landfill disposal fee increase, your bill may reflect a price change effective January 1, 2019.

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